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  1. Is there a difference between being a Glorystar Authorized Dealer and being a dealer for SatelliteAV? It seems they are the same company and same products, I am just looking for some direction. I suppose SatelliteAV is more of a product dealer and Glorystar is more of a dealer/installer for their value added service. Would you recommend one over the other? Thank you!
  2. Glorystar provides equipment and support for receiving faith-based programming. Satellite AV is the main company that distributes products for wholesale and retail.
  3. Got it, I am thinking about selling a package locally marketed at faith based programming FTA, but I was not sure if it is better to go the route of setting up my own or just reselling Glorystar.
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  4. What ke4est said
  5. Hey not a bad idea! Why didn't I think of that. Being in the bible belt and considering that utter garbage that spews from large cable networks and sat providers this could be ripe for the picking. I told myself I didn't want to go into customers homes any longer though but if the numbers are right...

    Offer a couple packages, faith based, international. One-time setup fee + hardware and optional service plan. Service calls $90 to realign or whatnot. Man, might be able to make some money doing that. Sounds like a no brainer. How far along have you come in your research? Do most areas have services like this already? I don't believe mine does.
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  6. I am just starting out...I have not gotten too far. I was contacted by Aaron at Satellite AV and he has helped me get things set up with them. You got the general idea though, my plan is to offer a faith based package as well as general international to start. I was thinking like you said to charge for the equipment and install as well as the optional subscription/service plan. Also, an additional fee to install a standard outdoor antenna for OTA locals.

    The idea (I'm sure it's not original) came to me as my Grandparents had a Glorystar system when I was younger and they canceled their cable. There are a LOT of churches and faith based groups in this area, so that is a great starting point to sell to. I am a "cord cutter" and only have an OTA antenna and Netflix. I added a Ku satellite to the mix and thought that the time may be right to offer this to other people. More and more people are leaving cable and traditional sat. providers that this could really work out if the price were right.

    I do not think anyone is doing it in this area, or if they are I have not seen and adverts, etc. There are some guys selling OTA antenna installs, but not FTA sat services like this.
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  7. I agree. A lot of people cutting the cord. A lot of people tired of the terrible quality of pay tv not to mention the price. Also a lot of foreign people that want access to 97°. I sold some stuff on craigslist once to a middle eastern couple and they saw my 90" cm out back and they said that had one like it but they couldn't get it dialed in, I followed them home with my birdog and was out of there in 20 min with $80, I never seen any one so happy when it started working. Point is there is definitely a need.
  8. The demand for foreign and faith based channels via FTA drastically declined with the easy and usually free availability via IP.

    With Roku units available at any Walmart and Android Kodi boxes online for less than a hundred dollars, the penetration and availability of broadband in most of suburbia, its hard to justify the cost of the satellite gear and the install cost for a few niche channels. As a long-time installer myself, I will highly recommend against installing motorized systems for a non-hobbyist. The learn curve and technical support requirements go off the chart. K.I.S.S. :)

    Most FTA installers have told me that they rarely get a new install anymore. Mostly only service calls or a rare install of the customer does not have broadband service. Even then, it is more expensive to schedule a service call and replace a LNBF than to by a IP box.

    Carefully evaluate the market potential before you invest too much time or effort. Many talented FTA installers who have had significant FTA sales in the past are no longer getting enough work to justify the business license, insurance, etc.
  9. Ive installed stuff for people that are already my customers, usually for nothing unless i have materials involved (coax, coax ends ect) and i have even given away converted dishnetwork dishes that pick up 97w and 103w to a couple of neighbors but i leave it up to them to find a receiver they want, i just kinda point em in the right direction. For me its not that hard to hit these 2 sats from our location, with my meter it takes like 30 minutes to mount the dish, acquire and peak the signal. less if they already have a plumb mount from an old dish network install. Probably take me 10 minutes to bend the bracket and stick it on a dish so tops it takes me like 40 minutes. Of course I have a pretty busy business already so im not overly interested in starting to do installs too, but several people have started nosing around since i had a veritable array of dishes outside my shop at one point, and even had one lady tell me she had a c-band dish in her yard that used to work and would like me to make it work again. Interestingly enough I have a moded hughes net dish that picks up 97w and 103w on my house and it held signal longer then my directv did last thunderstorm, I found that interesting.

    One of my hispanic neighbors here at the house hollered at me about a month ago while i was ont he roof messing around with my 2 stationary dishes and he asked if i could make his work, he had a 90cm fortecstar on a motor, and i had a very similar situation, about 20 minutes and a new lnbf and I had it going. Now he wants me to come over and show him how to change the channel names but i highly doubt ill have the time now until fall.
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  10. FTA as a fun hobby or operated as a business?
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  11. Great advice, thank you. This will most certainly not be a full time gig, just something on the side for now. If it works out, great, if not, no worries. Kodi boxes are going to become more rare as laws change and retailers are pressured to stop selling them. Just in the last couple weeks Amazon, Ebay, and Walmart all committed to stop selling the obvious pirate boxes. Maybe there is a market, and maybe not...but a little research should help clear up if there still is. Thank you again.
  12. Well, that'll solves that.
  13. I am not sure that it does. I think it would for a lot of people, but there are still MANY people that desire a typical "cable" feel to their TV and miss the set top box experience and miss flipping channels. While it would cut out a lot of people, there are likely still some that desire more traditional feeds. Also, in this area there are many older people that just do not want to learn to use IPTV and need a more traditional box.

    But hey, maybe this is not going to go anywhere, it is a interesting thing to see where it goes for me though :)
  14. And to note, there are a lot of areas around me without access to decent broadband. I may throw up a site and see what kinda response I get. I already have so why not. I don't want to spend the money on the liability insurance until I know whats up, also I told myself I don't want to go to people houses anymore a few years ago. But if the moneys right.
  15. When I sold my manufacturing business in 2007, I needed something to do. I signed up with Glorystar/SatelliteAV. I would order dishes by the pallet load and unload them with a forklift at my shop. I would order satellite receivers in quantity. Made a nice retirement business. I have to be licensed in Oregon - my renewal in 2016 was $1,395! That included Contractors license - $360 (required), Continuing education - $135 (required for all contractors), Bond - $250 (required for all contractors), Liability insurance - $500 (required for all contractors), city Business license - $50, Secretary of State business registration renewal - $100.

    In the last three years I have installed 5 systems. One of those was a used system and the only system I installed in 2016. I have dishes in stock that I have had for 5 years! I do some service on previously installed systems (I have 450 customer in the books).

    In the last three weeks I have REMOVED 4 FTA satellite systems and installed One Roku STB and Three Roku TV's in their place. I have 7 used dishes - ready for the scrap yard in my back yard. The Roku boxes have over 1200 religious stations for free - FTA satellite can't start to compete with a $29.99 Roku STB! Or a $199 40 inch Roku HD TV from Best Buy!

    I would suggest that if you are in a metropolitan area (I'm in Portland Oregon area), with internet of a least 3 Mbps - there are very few FTA installs to be had.

    Bob Westcott
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  16. The problem with doing a business for yourself is that you better be insured for the people you work for! and for yourself case you fall off a ladder or something. In my area the internet is very slow and a roku box wont do much so a dish is most likely the better option unless you have a TREE problem like me. The main problem is people want something for NOTHING! I am giving you my 2 cents. My last opinion is for me and me alone! People are fed up with Church TV! The reason why is because alot of Church's are Helping themselves but not helping others. They know people are hurting but No instead they need a new building rather then helping the poor. I know getting a little opinionated here but I am an online minister after all! :) OK, last I would say, FTA is the way to go if your paranoid about some one hacking into your roku box. I just wish their was more FTA channels in HD!
  17. Deff a Hobby! Some people just like to wire the sat's up! The best is when trying to find signal without a signal meter and a decoder box. hehe
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  18. Honest question to the people that are selling, or have sold. Are you actually marketing the product and trying to sell into the community or is it more of a passive approach? What types of advertising have you attempted to do? I know sales of IT fairly well, but sales of satellite is new to me.
  19. Myself included... Have bought advertising in local newspapers, magazines and local radio targeting the ethnic communities and faith groups. Pop-up displays or booths at events and even inserts in church mailers and bulletins.

    Often see Craigslist postings for install and service. You will likely find that most FTA business is the result of word of mouth promotion from a few happy customers.

    Used to see a dozen or more FTA ads in the local ethnic newspapers and promotions at local events. Now there are none. Same with regional faith magazines and events.

    Some good research is to call a few technicians around the country on the installer lists for regions that match your area demographics. See how their business has been marketed and how busy they are.
  20. I myself have not done a faith based install in over a year. A few years ago I did several a month, this included international also, for people that moved here from other countries.