Good HD upgrade experience

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May 18, 2004
LaPaz, Indiana
I guess sometimes it pays to live in the middle of nowhere...

I had an 8-12 window, and I got a call right at 8 saying I was the 3rd job and they would probably be here around 12:30 (which was fine with me). At 10:30 I got another call that they were now ahead of schedule and were 20 minutes away.

They replaced my SuperDish with a 1000.2, grounded it properly, peaked it to a strong signal on 129, ran all new cables (dish is 125' from the house, and still had the old gray Dish-brand self-install cables from 12 years ago), installed the receiver, verified everything was working - even TV2 - and were pulling out my driveway when the clock hit 12:00. Sweet.

While I loved my 942, the SD picture from the 722 is pretty awesome on my Pio PDP-6070HD. I have no idea how it takes the crappy Dish SD feed and makes it look so good, but it does. And the HD is totally rockin’ at 1080i.

It even perfectly pulls in an OTA channel that had nasty break-ups on the 924.

722: Best $99 I’ve spent in a long time… :up
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