got my dish need some help

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Dishman Dan

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Jun 22, 2008
It seems like nobody in my area does or even wants to do a c-band install. I call companies up and they talk to me like what c-band no way lol. I guess nobody wants to get involved with it anymore.

At least it sounds like they know what C band is. I was at a used electronics shop in Erie a week or so ago hoping to find a 4DTV receiver. When I walked in both the workers said that they buy and sell everything electronic. After explaining what a C band dish and receiver is...
they pointed me to a wifi router!!! :facepalm


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Dec 26, 2006
I'd go for a new lnbf, that doesn't look like anything I've seen in 20yrs. The very first feedhorn I had was something similar to it, think they called it Polarotor1, like fatair described. The probe in the feedhorn just spins around and around, the polarity was changed by the voltage reversing. I made a little 9v battery box to control it for awhile, none of my receivers back then would work it right. Then I tossed it for a real feed and lnb, lol.


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Sep 28, 2009
Being that i just purchased a new lnbf I can throw that old feedhorn away correct?..Does the lnbf have anything to do with the motor?

I just bought this one hopefully I got the right one

[h=1]BSC621-2D Dedicated C/Ku Band Satellite Dish LNB LNBF C-Band Ku-Band Combo[/h]
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