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    A former AT&T Power 45 internet customer for over a year waiting for the AT&T Fiber to come into the new neighborhood which never occurred. So after two neighbors switched to Grande I made the jump from AT&T 45 paying AT&T $60 a month to Grande paying $46 a month for 200/20 with unlimited data. Thus far a good experience speeds advertised are given with the computers hard wired usually around 220/ 235.

    So far all is smooth for those in the area (Frisco/Little ELM) who like me are like who is Grande? If your not on AT&T Fiber Grande is cheaper than what you are probably payingAT&T for for extremely low speeds between 6 to 18 unless your pair bonded and getting 45.

    Also Grande is launching 1Gig speeds later this year to the entire area - beating out AT&T for the lack Fiber deployment, and most on my street are switching to Grande from AT&T.
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  3. Grande Communications has officially begun to offer the 1GIG speeds as of this week via DOCSIS 3.1 modem for $70 before tax all unlimited to Little ELM and Frisco services area where its only competition is ATT for the most part ATT Copper lines
  4. I remember when Grande was a small ISP down in the Austin area. I still have my email with them despite no longer living in Texas. I hope they keep growing and expanding and giving the big guys some real competition.