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Apr 2, 2008
I open a new thread because do not want highjacking others..

I´m experiencing a growing birds population...
It is so simple as changing my 4x1 diseqcs by 8x1?
All my linear lnb´s are Universal.



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Sep 22, 2005
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we're workin' on it

The Switches Simplified thread will be answering that question next.
In the mean time, you might acquaint yourself with the review of one 8x1 diseqc switch in the Equipment Review department.
There is at least one other 8x1, and hopefully we'll get them both explained.
. . . but they don't work with all FTA receivers . . .

I'm kinda of in the dark, too, so I've turned that over to Iceberg.
At least he's seen one. I haven't. ;)
He should have some info up by the weekend (baring any exciting games on FTA!) - :D

edit: there is one plan in the Switches Simplified thread that will let you run four Universals on the high band, and four Standard or DBS LNBs.
It's real easy and cheap, and should work with any FTA receiver. Drawing #4.
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