GT MEDIA V8 Finder 2

Feline Joe

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Jul 11, 2023
I do not know if this belongs here, if not please move it where it should go. Several months ago, I talked myself into buying something called a gtmedia V8Finder2. Like most chinese wonders, it had no real manual. Does anyone know of any forums or groups related to this instrument? I got it charged and turned on. Frankly, my old Birdog is more useful, but the Birdog had a complete manual and tech support. I want to give the Finder2 a chance before I give it away.

Thank you very much,

I have the Bravebox V8 Finder which is similar but to me appears to have less functionality than the GTMedia version. I have yet to be able to add a transponder to peak a dish on! My Super Buddy spoiled me but it gave up the ghost this summer. If anybody has any ideas about this creature please let me know