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Mar 9, 2010
north dakota
On the weekend my H20 receiver started with continues rebooting,until it got to the point that it stays on the boot with the lights of the 480i,720i,720p and 1080i
they are blinking all the time first the four in red after in yellow and then in green
Any one has any idea what it may be the problem
thanks a lot
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Jul 25, 2008
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Look for the sticker (or open the flap) & see if you have a H20-600. Those have known overheating problems & mine finally gave out about a year ago. They also have refurbed H20-600's that were supposedly fixed & they would have a sticker on the bottom indicating that it's been fixed. Someone else on this board can tell you exactly what the sticker says. If you call DTV, & it is indeed a 600 series, I would just tell them that you know they have had overheating problems & need a new unit. I think it's in their files about this particular series of receiver because once I mentioned the overheating problem they immediately setup an order replacement without having me jump through testing hoops on the unit itself.


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Dec 28, 2004
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Actually, I wouldn't tell them it has rebooting issues. They may try to fix it over the phone. Just tell them it won't even come on at all, and they should send you another one. Make sure they don't extend your commitment or start a new one. When they replace defective leased equipment it doesn't affect your commitment, if indeed you have one.


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Jul 14, 2005
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According to my warehouse guys, these are no longer classified as receivers - they are officially "scrap"

Nice, so your going to go out and replace it ?
There is NO REASON to call a H20 SCRAP, I've been using one for many years now without any problems at all.

As mentioned earlier, if it's a -600, yes it has a KNOWN problem and I would call D* and have it replaced.

IF it's a -100 there is NO PROBLEM and should work fine as in no known problems.
That said, any recvr can have problems from time to time, but the -100's have no history of trouble.
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