Happy Halloween!

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Well this is it.. this is HALLOWEEN!

You might have noticed today SatelliteGuys has a cool new Halloween look to celebrate the day! Remember you can always change your style by going to https://www.satelliteguys.us/xen/account/preferences

Since SatelliteGuys has so many styles we plan on rotating our default style on a regular basis. Again if you have a style you love and want to keep that style just go to Error | SatelliteGuys.US and select it. Remember also that Supporting Pub Members also get access to other styles not available to regular members...

Speaking of Pub Members... TRICK OR TREAT!

Is it a Trick or is is a Treat? We will let YOU decide! One of the most active forums on SatelliteGuys is our Political Discussion Forum we call THE PIT!

And from now through Friday for those of you logged in you have access to The Pit (which is normally only available to Supporting Pub Members) is available to all members!

Come in into THE PIT if you dare, but be warned it might be too scary for some!

For those would would like to keep your access to the Pit after this special Holiday Treat goes away you can become a supporting Pub Member and help us keep the lights on for all by checking out https://www.satelliteguys.us/xen/account/upgrades

Is it a trick or is it a treat? We will let you decide!

Happy Halloween from your friends here at SatelliteGuys.US!
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Thats why the pit showed up with over 6000 unread threads.

you know IF we wanted the pit we would have requested access.
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I too am very impressed with the theme. Very well done!!
Ok it is because all logged in members are members of the "REGISTERED" group and everyone in the REGISTERED group has access to the Pit for Halloween.

What I can do and have done for you guys is to set specific user permissions to effectively remove permission for you for that group, so you shouldn't see the titles in the recent posts box anymore.

If anyone else would like this removed for them as well, just PM me. :)
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My blood pressure doesn't need to be raised by the PIT.

We need you to counteract the influx of unpaid [political leaning removed to protect the guilty]-wing crazies who have flooded in to post unsupportable nonsense. :D
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I guess I'll sneak out of the friendly confines of my SatGuys Classic theme to check out this new Halloween theme.
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Unfortunately a sticky nav bar has appeared on the 2017 style.

Is it a mistake or a permanent change?

I hope it's a mistake. ;)
Unfortunately a sticky nav bar has appeared on the 2017 style.
The thing I noticed with the Halloween theme is that the nav bar is sticky but the sub-nav-bar isn't. You have to scroll up to get to the subordinate menu items of your current "tab". The other "tab" have drop-down menus.
Unfortunately a sticky nav bar has appeared on the 2017 style.

Is it a mistake or a permanent change?

I hope it's a mistake. ;)

I probably meant to ask if the SatelliteGuys 2017 No Sticky Nav style disappeared, and if it did is it coming back please? :)
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