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Scott Greczkowski

Welcome HOME to SatelliteGuys!
Staff member
Sep 7, 2003
Newington, CT
Wow another birthday slipped past us and SatelliteGuys officially turned 16 on Saturday!

This means its now legal for SatelliteGuys to drive! :D

Thank you to everyone who has been a member here over the past 16 years, we still have a lot of folks here with us who were with us from day one THANK YOU!

Also thank you to everyone who has supported the site financially over the past 16 years, with out your support we would not be here today! Especially a big thank you to the folks who became Pub Members and then decided they wanted to help out more and made additional donations to the site to help out, those folks are the superstars.

As we celebrate our birthday today I pause to remember some of the SatelliteGuys members who have passed on who helped make SatelliteGuys what it is today, including John H who wrote the uplink center software, and Bob Haller who without him there would be no SatelliteGuys. Honest Truth is I got the boot from DBStalk as I wanted to ban Bob who was a royal pain in the... so I banned him and in turn they banned me.. and I started SatelliteGuys. Bob and I later made up and he became one member that everyone loved having here (at times lol!) In addition many other SatelliteGuys members have passed on and unfortunately we don't know when they die unless their family notifies us (and some have) so please take a moment to remember our departed members.

Running this site over years has taken a lot of work, we went from being an enemy of the Satellite Companies, to being one of their most valued partners. I can't even count the hours and calls, emails and flights I made to just get DISH to put a support team here. Many of you came to turn to SatelliteGuys first for DISH Support. When DISH dissolved the DIRT team due to changes in privacy laws, I worked hard again to bring DISH support back to SatelliteGuys. This is something I am VERY VERY proud of and am happy to have them here.

I am proud of everything we have done over the past 16 years here at SatelliteGuys, while I am sure we could have done some things better I am proud just the same.

SatelliteGuys has become a well oiled machine and this is not because of my hard work, I have an amazing volunteer staff here as well, and over the past 16 years we have had a number of amazing staff members give up their time to help us. We have have an amazing group of staff members... again THANK YOU to them.

The satellite world is not the same place it once was, we know that. But we also know some exciting things are coming and you can expect SatelliteGuys to be part of it and bring all the news to you. SatelliteGuys has grown from just talking about the world of satellite to basically talking about everything, we have sports, cooking, ham radio and so much more.

As we celebrate our 16th birthday we are always looking for more ideas of new things to try, new forums and other things to keep you coming back and draw more people into the SatelliteGuys family. We got as big as we did mainly because we listened to you our members.

Again thank you for 16 AMAZING years! Hopefully I am still above the ground in 16 more!

Happy Birthday SatelliteGuys!
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SatelliteGuys Crazy
Pub Member / Supporter
Lifetime Supporter
Jan 14, 2006
O'Fallon, IL
Happy 16th. Thanks Scott for all your hard work. It sure is a comfort to be able to come to SatGuys forum for satellite knowledge and help with issues. Hope you keep it going Scott for many more years.


Supporting Founder
Lifetime Supporter
Sep 7, 2003
Rohnert Park, CA
Sweet 16! I am one of those who was here on day 1 and I am proud to one of the superstars that Scott related to. This is a great home to hang out in and I do it too many hours each day. One could say I am addicted. :) Happy birthday Satellite Guys!


SatelliteGuys God
Lifetime Supporter
Jul 15, 2011
My 8th anniversary just went by, so I've only been here half the time. But I'm proud to have reached superstar status. It's a testament to not only Scott, the volunteers and founders, but to everyone who contributes and posts regularly to make this a well-oiled machine that keeps quality people coming back.
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Addicted to new HW
Supporting Founder
Lifetime Supporter
Nov 25, 2003
I'm glad I made the move to SatelliteGuys all those years ago. Scott and Eva have gone out of their way to create a welcome family environment to hang out with other folks that were interested in Satellite TV. Over those past sixteen years a lot has changed in the technology, TVs went from SD to HD, then 4K, my home computer went from ME to XP to OS X to macOS, Scott's servers went from boxes he bought and operated to some virtual thing that it is now (I assume), and TV signals from the sky are being threatened by video streamed over the Internet (I bet the majority of us were still using 56K modems when Scott kicked off SatelliteGuys in 2003!)

But Scott's desire to provide a place to gather and discuss topics ranging from Satellite TV to Sports to Movies to Food to, oh, I don't know, WWE, has never faultered. Thank you, Scott, for given us a place to share our thoughts and experiences.



SatelliteGuys Master
Supporting Founder
Apr 14, 2004
Rock Hill, SC
I managed to enter the world of satellite TV within the first year of SatGuys...learned a lot about it all here back then, and been hanging around ever since. Hard to believe that many years have passed since then!

Happy Birthday! :D
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SatelliteGuys Is My Second Home
Staff member
Lifetime Supporter
Aug 9, 2004
SatelliteGuys is more than just an internet forum. SatelliteGuys is a place where the aura that emanates from it is very strong and very visible. One can not help but notice it when they visit here.
The warm welcome and open arms from this place, sets it distinctly from other similar places. This place has turned into a family, a family they will go out of their way to help others.
I am proud to call this place home!
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