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  1. So I've got the $10 HBO deal from awhile back. Is this really a deal or is that DISH's regular price now? Haven't been watching it much so I'm thinking about cancelling it for awhile (maybe until WestWorld comes back in the spring). I believe the original deal was supposed to last until you cancel. Has anyone cancelled and then tried to re-sub later? Price still $10 or something higher?

  3. HBO is normally $15 and we cannot guarantee the promo will be available if you drop it and wish to add it again in the future
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  4. Ok thanks. So it's basically an ongoing promo that could end anytime?
  5. The way it was presented it looked like there was no end date. Keep it and it stays at $10. Obviously no one can say forever but I would ssy it won't for the foreseeable future. We watch HBO at least as much as any other network so this is a great deal for us.
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  6. It'll probably end the day after AT&T (DirecTV) takes possession of Timer Warner (HBO, Etc) if that terrible merger is allowed to go through.
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  7. Which points out why so many of these mergers are not in the public's interest. Programming should not be owned by a company who is in DIRECT competition to show that material.
    (See what I did there -- DIRECT competition... :) )
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  8. I've been on the $10 deal for about 3 years now
  9. I have been on that deal for a couple of years myself. Would never pay more than $10.00 for ANY premium pack period. They are quickly becoming obsolete. If it weren’t for the few actual weekly series and specials on that channel, I wouldn’t even sub to it
  10. Same here. The movies are the least reason why I keep HBO. I'm a big Boxing fan, for one thing so that and Bill Maher are the biggest reasons.
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  11. My $10 deal was running out and I went to the website and chose 'do not renew' and let it lapse. After one week I went back and the $10 deal was back. That tells me the de facto price is $10, but they won't stop anyone from paying $15. Way back in the 80s when I worked at a department store, we would have our products 'on sale' for 3 weeks out of a month. One week was regular price. I was told that it was a law that to have something 'on sale', you had to have a certain period of regular retail price.
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  12. I have the HBO/Cinemax combo for 10.. it only lasts for 6 months but I’m hoping after 6 months I can go online, cancel it, and it’ll offer it again..
  13. The other HBO deal which was 50% off for six months renewable every six months has now been replaced with HBO $5 off for six months so it seems that $10 is now the best price offered.
  14. HBO Cinemax in free preview this weekend.

    Will probably be turned on Thursday afternoon Nov 16th.
  15. Are there any other "for life" promos? Like is Showtime $10 special price a limited offer, or is it like the HBO $10 "for life" promo?
  16. Not that I know of.
  17. Actually while it's not "for life", they're now doing Showtime for only $5/month f/6 months...
  18. I just logged into my mydish account to check. It looks like $10 is now the regular ongoing price for Showtime, not a "special price."
  19. Must be nice, Dish gave me the $10/mo HBO for a year and now I'm back up to $15/mo. I see the Showtime for $10/mo special price. I could justify it when GoT and Last Week Tonight were showing new episodes, but I guess it's time to save some monthly money.
  20. Are you planning on keep HBO for the life of your account or for a long period of time? If so, I would try contacting Dish; I prefer the online chat or a member of the Dirt Team. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to play CSR roulette to find someone knowledgeable. I believe there is still $10/month special HBO for the life of your account, but I do not think it is advertised anymore. I know the last advertisement was for a year. However, it does not hurt to ask. The worst you can get is a no, but if that is the case, Dish may offer you something else for free or for a discounted price.
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