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Sep 18, 2009
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Can someone help me id this dish and recommend a motor. I got this one over a year ago for about $20 from a bar that was closing. They said they never used it before.

It`s 1.00 x 1.10 m. The front says "Arion by __". I can`t make out what it says next. It`s pretty faded (something like ATM).

Anyway, I`m looking to motorize it for ku. The j pole is 60 mm OD. It`s very sturdy and heavy. It`s fixed now on 87w.

I read about a couple of motors, but they specify a max diam of 42 mm. What motor would you guys buy?

Sorry I didn`t know how to flip the pictures.

IMG_8264.jpg IMG_8265.jpg IMG_8266.jpg IMG_8267.jpg


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Jun 9, 2009
Looks like a 1 metre wineguard to me. Mine Has a u-bolt mount, but most I've seen pictures of have a mount like yours. I've never used my J-pole mount. It is probably around 3 inches. Since mine has the u-bolt mount, I've used starchoice 75E posts.

My LOS is only c20 degrees, so I've never used a motor. My guess for yours would be a DG380 from Sadoun, or old HH120.

Not sure of their motor tube diameters. Might have to fabricate an adapter.



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Sep 3, 2004
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There are several motors which have a 55mm upwards tube (top mount), and the STAB HH120 model which is an upward tube (bottom mount) with a 54mm tube..... so you will need to do some fabrication.

If you purchase a top mount, you will need to bend or remove the tabs, but in either case probably will need to shim in order to get a firm clamp on the tube.
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