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Apr 6, 2008
I'm trying to connect a dish 625 dvr to a phillips dvd 3400 recorder to a hitachi 55hdx99 plasma tv. i'm trying to record programs off the dvr or from the tv. the tv has 3 hdmi inputs, which i'm only using 1 at this moment for the dvd recorder, it has multiple other inputs, s-video and rca jacks. i've taken the s-video output from the dvr, connected it to the input of the dvd recorder and then from the output side to the tv. i've tried various combinations, s-video, coax and rca jacks but nothing i do works. i can only get the tv to display when i go directly from the dvr to the tv. i've played with the tv input setups and i keep coming up empty. anyone have any suggestions or a diagram that would help? thanks.


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Apr 8, 2008

Hi I can help if you have full descriptions of outputs and inputs of each device. I will make you a drawing and instructions on the best way to do what you are I noted what you said about the Hi Def inputs but you didn't mention the number video inputs (video 1,2,3?) and what types of outputs on the pvr, etc. Pictures of the back of each would be ideal.



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Apr 24, 2007
I have a 622 and am doing exactly what you want to do. I run hdmi from the dvr to the tv for viewing w/o recording to dvd. I run and s-video (plus rca audio) from the dvr to my dvd recorder. My dvd recorder is hooked to the tv via component cables. This setup works great for me.

One problem might be that you have an hdcp problem between the dvd recorder and the tv. You might want to try hooking it up to the tv via some other method than hdmi to see if that is the problem.

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