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So my father-in-law just got setup with D* about 2-3 weeks ago. The installer gave him (among other recivers) a Phillips brand STB.

Well he comes over to my house, and checks out one of my D10's and says "hey my box doesn't do that!", refering to the Active channels.

Do any Phillips STB's support the active channels the way a D10(or higher) model does? My gut says no.
Call Directv that receiver should be on the account as leased. I'll bet Directv says something to that dealer.
Just to let everyone know, I called D* and they were pissed that the installer gave my inlaws some old STBs. Anyway, the tech rep is doing a swap out for them , either D-10s or D-11s.

Thanks guys

My install was 3/20/2006.The installer set up a triple LNB dish with a D11.They should expect no less with their install.Good Luck!:)
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