HF Antenna Analyzers

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  1. I take pride in having nice tools and have been thinking about the purchase of a antenna analyzer for HF.

    I'm curious what others have been using. Originally, I thought about the MFJ249C but the RigExpert AA-55 Zoom is looking interesting after reading the Nov QST review.
  3. I purchased a mini60 with Bluetooth option. Small device and can't beat the great price at just over $100. Have used the club's RigExpert and MFJ analyzers and really liked the feedline analyzing functions, but just couldn't justify the higher cost vs the limited usage for my own personal own unit.

    The mini60 BT can be used as a stand alone device or advanced charting with an Android device or PC connection. Cool to watch in real-time via BT connection to a tablet 50 ft away from the feedpoint while trimming the feedline, placing clip-on ferrites, optimizing elements and changing height and angles of dipoles, etc. :)
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  4. Brian,
    What sort of calibration modes does the Mini60 offer? Open, short, load ? Is it possible to extend the measurement interface to the measurement point such as the feed point of the antenna?

    The BT option would be great for measuring feed point of the antenna remotely to analyze impedance without the effect of an added transmission line.
  5. You could also make your own like I did. Then you could add all the features you want. ;)

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  6. Interesting that this thread just came up as I just started work on an improved version.
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  7. An Android app and communicating with it via Bluetooth probably isn't trivial. Set it up with Alternate Reality and you could have a Heads-Up Display whisker trimming experience.

    The 9Hz refresh suggests something more powerful than an Arduino.
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  8. That unit uses the same DDS board as the one I made.
    I have another DDS board here that goes up to 160+ MHz I have been testing.
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  9. The calibration has open, short and loads.

    It measures only at the insertion point. I do like the RigExpert feedline adjustment feature.

  10. The decision has been made, I have a Mini60 on the way. Thanks Brian for your time and review.
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  11. Did you order standard mini60 or with Bluetooth?

    If using the charting function with connection to a PC, you will need Excel. OpenOffoce is not compatible. I purchased a NOS MS Office 2007 with single license on EBay for $10. :)
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