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Jun 6, 2013
Got the dish up and running thanks to smart husband who ditched compass and used Augmented Reality app on his phone- took 2 seconds to get G 19. Dish is 1 meter I got off Amazon at a Clearance sale, approx $80.00 and guess what, no shipping (indeed a savings)

Cheapo SatHawk box. My last box was the disc. BEC 6000 which I loved and regret very sorely leaving it behind in a move, assuming "I can get another later easily". SatHAwk does not appear to have any adjustments for audio? such as Narrow or Wide, or changing Audio channels (I mean audio settings, not radio stations) I dislike this not being a feature, it seems quite a basic machine if it does not even include these audio features.

I very much am enjoying all of the channels we receive, and much has changed in the years I had Ku-band at first, which was eons ago in 2000! I can't even recall what led me to Ku then, at all as even then as now, it's a hobby almost no one has heard of. I am glad to find 2M Morocco is now on Ku. I'm seeing some same old channels, and some channels are no longer, for instance IraqTV: Saddam Hussein is gone, and so is his unintentionally hilarious national TV station.

Someone mentioned TELETEXT on G19 they'd discovered? My el cheapo SatHawk does have a TTXT button on remote, I will have to figure out how to receive those TeleTexts later on tonight. Speaking of (semi) utility stations, I just saw on radio stations list TP 11911 for "Apple Beeper" radio.Searched online for info as I immediately thought of decoding signal. Sounds like FLEX but I haven't made sure yet. More searches for Apple Beeper and URL "tweaking" I am seeing many different medical center web pages with online forms for those who wish to send SMS/Paging messages direct to specific providers/centers. I ALMOST was going to post the urls of the pages I came up with, but knowing how things turn out I decided against it, as anyone who searches online will find reference to this post here, and some jerk would bog down the pages with BS prank messages to some busy doctor's practice.

About me I get a kick out of reception devices- from digital scanning, to HF radio, oh gosh you name it I probably have a receiver for it. I do not have C Band however but I may in future, if it's not defunct by the time I get around to it. I wish I knew what led me to Ku band sat, as I cannot for the life of me remember the why/when/how. Ive always been a fanatic when it comes to "signals" and as a kid would fiddle with the TV to bring in "secret channels" and at that time, I had no idea there was a whole army of people who make a hobby of such things. When I was 12 I took the back off my boombox and with zero electronics know how, managed to find a thingamajig, that if I screwed it one way would allow me Air band reception- eureka! At that age, and a girl of all things- you can just imagine how popular I was in school.... (it was NOT cool to be a nerd in that era, FYI out to you young people not in this little joke)

Glad I got the satellite finally going. I've been putting it off for oh, only around four whole long years. Now this weekend hopefully will get around to putting up my other antennas. I don't have to stealth install anymore as apartment living is for the BIRDS! I am done with that mess.

Thanks for reading.
God bless you all, and many thanks to WebMaster and Admin for running this site. .


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Jan 25, 2011
Welcome to the site queen we are happy to have you on here if you have any questions we can try to help you as much we can.
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May 12, 2012
Central NJ
Welcome to the forum. Yes I have seen Apple Beeper radio on 97W. Not sure what the service is though. PDW is a good program for Flex, POCSAG.
Have fun with the new dish. And check out 91W for feeds.

Jim S.

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Jan 2, 2006
I've never tried to decode Apple Beeper Radio. I've seen people decode the data stream from the helicopter feeds on 91W though -- it's GPS coordinates.
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Dec 19, 2008
Thought apple Beeper sounded like AX25 at maybe 1200-2400 baud... Never attached a TNC to decode it though. On the to-do list. :)
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