Hitachi TX200 does vertical blanking (1 Viewer)

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Jun 7, 2005
Great White North
I own a TX100 and will be flipping it January for the newest TX200 (HDPJ52) .

The main reasons are the improved CR 7000:1 and next gen 1080P internal processing resulting in better noise free pic. The biggest reason for me is the vertical blanking feature that will allow removal of broadcast artifacts and overscanning on the fringes of the picture .

This is very important as I have a fixed screen 16X9 Da-Lite HCCV 110" with only 2 " black border.

The other reasons are numerous like cheapest bulb replacement cost of $250
and " out of the box " calibration set at 7500K ( which measures within a 100 points of D65 ) and accurate color uniformity . see review here -

P.S breaking news the Hitachi TX200 will mask out 2.35 : 1 bars to ultimate black WOW this feature puts this PJ over the top in the 720P sweapsteaks ...see link -
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