Hopper 3 - What 3 Things Would You Change?

Backup Brain

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Apr 7, 2008
Healdsburg, CA
  1. Return of single-button shortcut for closed captioning on/off. After my recent stroke, the green button was a lifesaver.
  2. Lack of a hard Stop button is less efficient for stuff like deleting watched programs.
  3. Lack of a hard Record dutton is less efficient.
FYI, if the forthcoming Voice Remote allows me to use the voice commands: "Captioning On (off)", "Stop" and "Record This," it would solve these problems as well as those beyond these Top Three..


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Feb 26, 2005
1-OTA in Favorites List. 2-Fix the Weather App so I don't have to reboot after using 3- Stop funtion w/On Demand Internet downloads
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Sep 8, 2003
Springfield, IL
1. Native passthru (yea, I know it's never been done before...I don't care, it DOES need to; it's 2016 & this IS supposed to be a "premium 4k DVR"!)
2. 3-hour guide
3. repeat of above


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Mar 16, 2012
Western US
1. Option to disable Home Screen out of standby
2. Option to disable banner
3. 3 hour guide
Agree with all three, also wish I still had a red recording light, kinda made me feel more secure to know it was actually recording when it was supposed to :)
Only disappointment is the lack of a backlit remote (not necessarily a voice remote), and the fact that no one seems to be listening to the many customers that requested a user configurable update time like on the 722 - can it really be that difficult?


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Feb 5, 2007
Oklahoma City
1. Option to add shortcuts to the Banner - you create whatever shortcut you want, Play DVD/BD, CC, Netflix, etc.
2. Change the Input button on the side to a toggle button that could also be programmed for different devices
3. Option to select what happens when you turn on your TV, home scree, favorite channel, last channel, BD
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Oct 2, 2003
1. Add Local News Streaming apps, almost all stations want you to watch their local news, there are no DMA restrictions for this and they play commercials to make money, Dish can add apps with simple URLS to play them. The Roku does this today with several apps.

2. Add all Streaming apps like Amazon, HBO Go ect

3. Add a NOAA Local Radar App, the weather channel and weather nations radar is bad, it should be like what you get on your iPhone, high quality
Why? As said in the Dish press release, Dish is Hiring 100 new App developers, Apple has also said the future of TV is about the apps

Evo X

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Jul 24, 2013
1. Anywhere Mobile app to actually show programs in "DVR" recorded by the Hopper 3
2. on guide: program info at top, show more hours on guide (even if it means showing less channels)
3. go back to the old remote - it was a good design. didn't even need to look at it - could do most button presses by feel.
only plus to the new remote is it takes 2 AA batteries instead of 4 AAA. i never use the new remote.

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