Houston Tracker V good for anything?

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Nov 14, 2008
Near Calgary, AB
Hi I have been offered for free a Houston Tracker V receiver and its 10 footer dish. Is it worth to get this receiver?


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Dec 11, 2005
The Houston Tracker V receiver is good to move yore dish East and West and work the server motor for V/H


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May 11, 2008
SE Texas
I presume you intend to get the dish regardless? You will want to get the IRD as well for reasons posted. It will still be the best way to initially get you up and running with a digital DVB box since they can not natively control these things. (well most of them cant do polarity, none can do actuator/positioning)
Be sure to get the remote and any paperwork that may come with the receiver if it is available. There is even still some analog of interest to some on from time to time. As long as you use a polarotor servo setup you will need it, or you will have to homebrew a 13/18v to servo output interface to select polarity (a memeber has already done this and shared his design)
If you decide in the future you dont want/need it, you can always put it on Fleabay for 10 bucks plus shipping and pocket a few $$$ for a six pack and a pack o' smokes or a couple gallons of gas, whichever is higher on your priority list.(Sadly you wont be able to afford all three....lol)
You've probably already been cautioned, but when you take the dish down, if you drop it with enough force you can warp it and that will cause you a lot of grief in the future. Also, dont adjust the inclination/declination settings when you start aligning it if the destination is less that ~20 mi North or South (any distance E/W is ok) from it's original location. That's just an approximate distance, regardless, dont do anything to those adjustments unless you have familiarized yourself with how arc tracking works and you feel certain that adjustment will correct any receiption issues you encounter. Only then will you understand what direction and appx how much you may need to fine tune it.

Load 'er up and get it all home. I'm anxious to see another C band TVRO operator join the ranks!
Please reply by conversation.