How far will dtv go to keep subs?

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Jun 22, 2004
Basically that. How far will they go to keep a sub? I've been with them for about 3 years now. I just got Voom and am about to cancel dtv. I have the 39.99/mo package with dtv, and also the 39.99/mo with Voom.

I can't see spending almost 100/mo for dtv since I barely watch it anymore and it's basically the same channels I pay voom for. If I'm going to pay close to 100/mo, I might as well get some premiums. I can do this by paying Voom 90/mo and getting rid of dtv.

The only way I could really justify keeping dtv is if they gave me their total complete choice premium whatever thingy for the 39.99/mo I'm paying now. Then I'd still be paying about 100/mo total and getting the premiums.

Am I making any sense here?? :confused:

Anyways, has anyone heard of dtv doing anything like this or should I just switch to the vavavoom package and cancel dtv?
You can't tell D* that you're switching to Voom without getting a lecture as to why you shouldn't. I've got an HDTV that I want HD programming for. I'm a current D* customer. I called to see what their best deal would be on an HD receiver and was quoted $349. That included the three LNB dish and installation. I told them that I already had the three LNB dish and since it would be replacing a current receiver I wouldn't need installation. They didn't care. I even escalated up to their corporate office and they stuck with the $349 offer. I've got Voom coming this Thursday. I'm keeping my D* setup since we have the DTivo. I'm hoping when the DVR comes for Voom I can talk the wife into dropping D*. She has to have her DVR.
Neutron, I've seen offers like that from dtv. As a matter of fact, I got a 250.00 credit towards a receiver and a free install of a triple LNB dish about 1 1/2 years ago. They had HDnet for free back then. Once they changed their HD package to 10.99 for a whopping 4 channels though I lost interest. I had it for a while, but then cancelled it and just kept the basic package. An offer of a new receiver and dish wouldn't do me any good since I already have them.

I really hate cancelling something I've had for so long but unless they come up with a spectacular deal, I can't justify spending 40/mo for basically the same channels I watch on Voom.
yes im going to drop mine as well when the committment runs out in nov, seems like everytime you add something new to directv its another years committment thats not right at all and they charge you 250.00 to get out of it, i am very happy with voom also!!!
Directv's cancellation fee is $150 prorated from when the committment starts.

DISH is a flat $250....
What if your commitment is over? Mine ended about 2 months ago.

(btw, I really hate these type of contracts in general--satellite, cellphones, internet access, etc..etc.......if a company feels they are offering you the best value price/service, why do they need to trap you?? It seems like they should be confident that you will stay with them because they are giving you the best value out of their competitors. If they give you something else in exchange like a free phone, i can understand...but otherwise....)
That's why Voom doesn't have a committment. :)

That's why I feel good trying them out. If I don't like them I can cancel at anytime no penalty.
I think if you get the right person on the phone they will try to take care of you . I always ask for a supervisor, I can tell you that I didn't want to pay $10.99 for the HD package and when I called and was going to drop it and I wanted to talk to a supervisor and told them it was 2 much for the 3 channels , I don't count ESPN HD they don't show enough to count them, anyway I was given $3 a month off my $39.99 and I was given $5.99 discount for 6 months so I get my locals for free for 6 months and I was given Showtime for 6 months as well for free. They said there was no one that could give a discount on the HD pack so they gave me all of that so I still have my HD pack + Voom. Also I didn't have to sing a contract for another year
That sounds like a decent deal if you didn't have Voom. I'm not sure what benefit you're getting though. Seems like you're paying Voom 39.99/mo and dtv 40/mo. So, all combined you're paying 80/mo for vooms channels + showtime from dtv. If you cancelled dtv and payed voom the 80/mo you would get Showtime+ Movie Channel+ HBO+ Cinemax. Basically you're trading 9 channels in the Movie Channel package, 9 channels from the HBO package, and 9 channels from Cinemax package that you would get from voom, for HDnet, sci-fi, and hgtv and USA from dtv(plus a couple others that i dont think anyone really watches anyways...).

I'm not seeing the plus side to this.....
I'm paying $29.99 for 6 months and I get showtime for free for that 6 months but I still have to pay $10.99 so yes, I'm still paying $40 but I need a DVR before I get rid of DTV so for me its a good deal and I can only hope that Voom comes out with a DVR by then but I don't want the Vavavoom until then, I can not watch everything they offer in HD on their time
Voom is supposed to get a DVR this fall. Once they have that we will hopefully dump D* too, unless they can get me a deal on an HD receiver AND they get more programming by then.
So it's the DVR that's keeping you with dtv. If voom came out with a dvr would you then get that and cancel dtv?
More than likely yes. The reason I have to keep D* now is because of the wife. She loves our DTivo. Also, the Voom DVR will be networkable, so you can see what you recorded on your living room TV in your bedroom.

I would stay with D* if they would give me a deal on an HD receiver. I dont want free programming.

I just find it as an insult that when I ask for one I get this "If you had made more of a monthly committment to us we would have given you a deal." I currently pay them $55 a month.
when I cancelled D* and told them it was for more hd prog. on voom, they basically said "see ya". The csr did tell me to be wary of Voom b/c "they upconvert their sd programs and call them hd". I guess they must've been talking about tnthd LOL.
I hope I can save you guys some headache that I went through. I called D* 3 times and was given a flat no on the $250.00 credit for an HD Tivo. So I called Voom as I agree the 10.99/mo I am spending is a waste for the most part (I do watch some of the HD programming).

Once V* was installed I started prepping to cancel D*, the wife and I both could not shed the TiVo, we are hooked to watching TV on our schedule. The result was we spent more time watching SDTV via TiVo's S-Video hook up than we did watching HDTV via Voom, and we did have VaVaVoom.

The PQ issues on V* drove me crazy! There are some channels that are worse than a bad cable connection, including HD ones. I e-mailed D* from their customer service link and said GIVE me an HTL-HD, they said 350 installed with 250 credit is the best we can do. I asked if I could by it retail, they said ....okay. So I bought one for 300 and got a 250 activation credit.

To answer the initial question, be careful if you want to cancel ... V* was unsuccessful in retaining me even for 2 months FREE, I was that unhappy. I am hoping that V* will get better soon ... it will force D* to get better too!
The thing is...I'm seeing that a DVR is a dealmaker/breaker for some of you. I really don't have any interest in a DVR at the moment. If Voom comes out with one and lets you lease it, maybe I'll give it a try.

DTV could offer me a great deal on a tivo but it's not really something I'm interested in.
DVR is a deal breaker, so is TiVo as they are not even close. E* has a PVR ... I couldn't wait to get rid of it .. V*'s will likely be the same a POS. Right now there is no substitute for Tivo .. but Moxi is looking good I hear.
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