How many receivers without a phone line connection?


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Sep 8, 2003
I was planning to buy the 811 for $149 but I would like to know if I need to connect that receiver to the phone line. Currently, I have three receivers and 2 are connected to the phone line. However, I read somewhere on this forum that Dish was asking to people who have more than 5 receivers under one account to connect all those to the phone lines or terminate the service if you didn't comply. If I buy the 811 I would have four receivers, so I would like to know if Dish has requested to any of you out there who have four receivers to connect all the receivers to the phone lines or the service will be cancelled.
IF you have no land line phone connection and only a cell phone account then there is nothing they can do. I have already talked to a Dish csr and posed that question and there is little they can do since this a relative new development in technology. Until they come up with a new way to track their receivers I don't see anything they can do except ask you the location id off each receiver.
I had 4 receivers active until a month ago and only one was hooked up to the phone line. Dish never complained about it.
Any receiver that is not hooked to a phone line will be subject to a $4.98 access fee whether you have a phone or not. They don't care.
As of now that is only on the newer 522 receiver. If you don't keep it hooked up to a phone line it is subject to the 4.99 additional receiver fee.

Now if they want to do this on all receivers I haven't heard. This would be bad for Dish if they go that far. We already have dvr fees on all newer dvr receivers and additional receiver fees for all receivers over the main unit, and now if they were to go with additional fees on top of all this for not connecting to a phone line, then that is going to be to much. Just to watch their service you could have additional fees in excess of 39.92 just for 4 receivers, in they were the older dvr receivers. The fees would be 59.98 if they were the newer dvrs and you didn't sub to AEP. That's all much as the programming itself.

This would be the ultimate in non friendly customer practices and for all the customers with no land line service would be the reason why they would definately churn. Dish and Directv will have to come up with some kind of geo sychronis tracking chip that will tell where the sat receiver is at all times in order to prevent stacking in the future.

The phone line connection is going the way of the dinasour. Even cable companies are getting in to phone line service for their cable and internet subs. Dish and Directv will have to come up with technological advances in tracking devices that do not involve more fees.

One of the advantages of Satellite over cable was originally a lack of fees for satellite. Now Dish is adding all kinds of fees that never existed before.

You can see that Dish isn't doing as well as before on the stock market. Directv is actually adding more subs then Dish for the first time in the last couple of years.

All these new fees and phone line connection practices are just pushing people to drop Dish and go with the competition. Dish , for the last couple of years, had been a customer friendly company that didn't care about the phone lines and gave you free dvr service .

Something has really changed in the last year and not for the better. Dish and Charlie Ergan has lost their direction. I hope this changes next year before Rupert buys Directv and changes everything or we might see Dish up for sale soon at this rate.
The advantages that satellite once had is just not there anymore, in my opinion. Things have changed and cable has caused satellite to have fewer advantages and perhaps advantages cable has over satellite.
I have to agree on this as well. If Dish Network is to survive they need to change there attitude about all there fees. I installed a customer on the free for all promo. and when the system was finally installed the customer wouldn't give up his Social Security number and Dish Network wouldn't let the customer use any other I.D. to activate the account. But they would overlook it for a $50.00 fee. With all the other fees that are being applied to the customer that will certainly turn off allot of customers. I used to work for there sub-contractor for Dish Network that did most of the installations in this area and all of the sudden there's a 30 - 50% reduction in wages because of some penny pinching creep at Dish Network wants to squeeze the bottom line out of there contractors and dealer's. Guess what happens when they do this? Bad installations, high turn-over rates and allot more headaches for Dish Network. Dish Network attitude has changed for the worse, take the customer's money and run. They don't want to pay for excellent service and it shows. You get what you paid for and nothing more! I QC for awhile for my company and I have to say that 90% - 99% of the installations have no ground to the dish. System lines are un-protected and it's against state electrical code. All you have to do is follow the system lines from the dish to the recievers and if there's no ground block or no ground wire going to a state approved electrical ground then you have a un-protected system. Not trying to scare anyone but it's advisable to check those lines for proper grounds.

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