HR-20 & HR10-250 questions...

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May 23, 2004
Metro Detroit
Hi, getting the new HR-20 installed this week to replace the HR10-250, through a DirecTV upgrade/swap out. My question is, will I be able to keep the HR10-250 or will they require it back? Since I purchased it, I would think its mine! Plus I have hours of programming on the HR10-250, I dont want to lose. IF I am able to keep it, will I still be able to watch the shows that were recorded, without paying for the mirroring fee, since the programs are just stored on the hardrive? Or will the receiver have to remain active to watch?


Pretty much everyone has reported they where able to keep it.

The HR10 does not have to be active to watch the programming on it.
Well a buddy of mine did a movers connection on a one HD receiver job. He was adding 3 tv's so he would of had 3 HD receivers and one D-11. He already had a Samsung HD that he paid $400 for. D.. told him he would have to give that thing back to them in order to get the other 3 HD receivers. Anyway the HSP techs that they sent to his house twice just twiddled their thumbs and caused him to cancel D..and go with cable. I even put the AT-9 up for these guys and my buddy was watching his old receiver with no problem. The hsp techs are all noobies and should be hung out to dry. My buddy has had D.. for 7 years and just because of a movers connection they caused him to go to the competitors. Good job Directech...But to answer your question about returning that unit, they may ask for it back. With the new lease you still pay for the receivers but they are never yours.
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