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Sep 12, 2006
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I'm sure some of you have also been annoyed with the native setting being "on" when switching between channels. Does anyone else set yours to 720p or 1080i and leave it? I decided to set mine to 1080i and I don't really notice any difference on the other broadcasts. I wonder if any of you experience the same?
Seems most people pick one setting since native has to adjust to the broadcast resolution. I use 1080i for most everything but action (example sports programming) and 720p for that. It really boils down to what works best for you.
I use 1080i for most everything but action (example sports programming) and 720p for that.

What difference do you notice by using 720p for action programs?

Has anyone noticed problems with up/down converting formats, especially on the HR20?
1080i is good for watching something that's not going to have a lot of movement (ie. Law and Order). But, it pixelates once the image becomes fast moving, like say during football or an action movie with lots of explosions and car crashes. I would suggest if you must toggle between the two, try adjusting it to whatever program you plan on watching.
I only use 720. One of my tvs only does 720, but most everything I watch is sports - and most sports is shown in 720.
Most of the time your TV is going to do the conversion anyway - with much more expensive circuitry which is fine-tuned to your specific display. For example, my LCD TV has a native resolution of 720p. EVERYTHING that is displayed on that unit is converted, by the TV to 720p. Therefore, I just set the resolution on the DirecTV units to "native" so the signal only has to be altered ONCE - by the TV. If you choose 1080i on your DirecTV receiver, and the native signal is only 480p, then you are doing TWO conversions to the original signal (on the D-TV receiver from 480p to 1080i, and then on the TV from 1080i to 720p). Not good.

I use native mode for everything.
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