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SatelliteGuys Pro
Apr 26, 2013
Ocala fl
I figure it would take me about 4 hours to take down the 10' dish.
I have no idea at this time if the winds will effect me in Dunnellon Florida.
I am about 20 miles from the west coast of Florida. The weather map shows
the possible west side on the cone in the middle of Florida. This could
change drastically overnight.
I wonder what say a 100 MPH wind would do to a mesh dish?????
I guess if I leave it up, I would have to point it up as much as possible.
Your advice is needed.....
Thanks for any help......


SatelliteGuys Pro
Jun 26, 2006
Travelers Rest SC
Set it to AMC 9 your true south. try to tether it somewhow and hope for the best. You shouldn't get much there, just a few squalls with some healthy gusts.
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