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Feb 26, 2004
I finally made the call to VOOM today to subscribe.
After the install is complete and I'm satisfied I'll cancel E*. It will be strange since I had E* for the past 5 or 6 years.

Things I'll miss on DISH
1. Fox Sports Net (however alot of the Dallas Maverick and Texas Ranger games are available OTA)

2. Uptime of the signal. It took real hard rain to knock out the signal and then it would only be for a few minutes.

Things I won't miss on DISH.
1. Their hardware (or lack of it). 801/ 921 seemed to take forever to get released. 111 never did become a reality ( I must have been the only one interested in it!)

2. Charlie Chats were painful to watch. I got tired of hearing "More details on the next Charlie Chat". The special (lame) guests took up most of the show.

3. AT100 went to AT120 mostly due to all the new shopping channels. Enough is enough!

4. To get HD I would have to buy the equipment, commit to the HD pack, a recieve a whopping 4 channels.

Things I'm looking forward to on VOOM.
(even if the VOOM install tanks, there is NO long term commitment so I can just walk away)

1. OTA install. DFW is good place for HDTV OTA and only getting better
2. More than 4 HD channels!
3. Bleeding edge technology that's cool to be a part of (as long as the downtime is keep to a minimum.)
4. 0$ down ... and price of $39.90 is locked in till 1/1/2005.

My kids will still get to enjoy Disney/GSN/Nick and my wife will finally get Hallmark. Of course, I'm only making this change to VOOM for them :)


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SatelliteGuys Pro
Feb 26, 2004
One thing I forgot to mention earlier.

E* launches SuperDISH last year... It will be able to handle 50 High Definition channels!
Charlie is one funny guy!

I have grown tired of hearing about all the little towns now getting their locals off the dish. Sorry if that offends those folks but that's all E* seems to care about these days.

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