Installed the BSC-421 today

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Mar 26, 2008
First, Thank You to all of the responses to posts from experts here. By searching old posts and posting new topics I did the LNBF change today. Without this site I would have been lost!

Well today was the day to change to change out the old feedhorn to the new LNBF (DSC-421). My first problem was the scaler ring’s bolts that were provided. 1. They were two short and the arms could not seat on it. 2. There are no nuts included. I ended up going to the hardware store and bought nuts and bolts.

It was easier to change than I thought. My only issue was I would get even only channels or vertical only channels (CNN / TNT & Headline News). No matter how much I rotated it! I looked in the Uniden’s owners manual and it did not say how to hook up an LNBF other than hit a “tune” and “2” to adjust polarity, which did nothing.

I knew logically that something in the receiver need to be changed. I found the “RF” choices and it was set to “C” band single. I ended up changing it to a Dual LNB and I was given the option to select LNBF. Once I did that I got the Channel 5 and 22. I tweaked the LNBF and locked it in position.

I am now 33 inches from the center of the dish vs. 36 inches with the LNB / feed. The F/D on the LNB is .40. I do not know it going from a 20 degree to a 13 degree has improved the reception or the old feed was not properly located (it was not adjustable) because I get a signal of 100 on the VCII channels and previously got a 60 and had sparklies on 22. Not any more.

The entire process took me two hours, that is the time from disconnecting the receiver in the house and setting up outside. It would have been less if I discovered the RF settings.

Is the settings on my Uniden correct for the C-Band only LNBF?

I am now ready to buy the Motorola DSR-410. Is it just going to be moving my dish to AMC-18 and disconnecting the LNBF and connecting it to the DSR?

Can I do a FTA and a DSR-410? My Uniden will be hooked the “antenna 1in” on the TV and located in the basement (it has the UHF remote). I will be able to see the screens to move the dish. The DSR-410 can use one of the A/V inputs or “antenna 2 in” and a FTA can use a A/V in. This TV I am using is using a OTA converter box on an A/V input.

I posted some pictures.

Position of wave guide for G5 / 22, my work area using a 25’ foot coax from LNB to receiver, old feed, It’s off, New scaler ring, Inside the LNBF, Hooked up, The “40” mark, Plate for feed horn cover & connected the cable to house, Done!, The RF Screen.


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Sounds like you got it. Be sure your scalar ring is centered on the dish. Measure from the edge of the dish with a tape measure at three points , Left right and down from the edge of the scalar ring. Make sure your measurements are the same distance.

a .40 f/d may not be right. My 10' dish is .38, my 7.5' dish is .375

You can do FTA and a dsr-410 at the same time.

Since you are C-band only, all you need is a splitter that passes power on both ports that will do frequencies from 950-2150 mhz.

Split the coax coming in. Only turn on the receiver you are wanting to use. One at a time. That way only one receiver will be trying to control the lnbf at the same time.

That's how I used to do it and it worked for a few years until I ended up putting on a Corotor II feedhorn.

You need to use your analog receiver to move the dish as you are doing now.

Good luck and have fun
how do you hook this to a old cband receiver that has two inputs
both just say lnb in they dont say v h or k c so this makes me mad
What type of c band receiver do you have?

Most receivers in the setup menu somewhere has an option where you select "c band lnbf".

Look for something like that and connect the coax to the "C" port. or "C/H" or whatever port has a C on it.

The other port is potentially a KU band cable or if you had you dish setup using a dual polarity feed horn one port would be Horizontal and the other Vertical (Like on a cable headend or hotel system).
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