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Jan 3, 2004
I had my install yesterday and I am really glad I ended up with a tech who was very polite and professional. He drove his own truck and certainly knew what he was doing. I live in an apartment and he had me up and running in about an hour. He used a double bracket on the railing of my balcony and the Slimline dish looks very securce. I received an HR20 receiver and it is working fine even though I did notice it said refurbished on the box.

I was not able to keep my OTA ant because it was in the way of the dish but that is ok because I can receive locals where I live. The picture quality of HD is excellent and SD looks ok even though it has a soft look to it. The one channel I have been most impressed with so far is The Smithsonian Channel which has an outstanding picture and good programming.

My rebates are in order except for the new customer one. I signed up two weeks ago when it was $18.00 off for 12 months but I noticed it recently went up to $23.00 about a 4 or 5 days ago. I called customer service and they said they would send my request for the new pricing to a supervisor. I was told a few days ago by a DirecTV CSR that I would get the new pricing but it is still show $18.00 off when I go online. I should have an answer in a week or so they said. All in all though I am pleased with how the installation went and the PQ along with good signal strength. Dish tried to get a good signal about 2 weeks ago and was unsuccessful so they suggested I try DirecTV.
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Please reply by conversation.

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