Installing a Dish 1000.2 ... Need Tips !!??



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Nov 21, 2007
I'm going to be replacing my Dish 500+ with a 1000.2 and could use any tips you may have on cabling, tuning, if I should use a meter (if so .. which), etc.. Current setup up is typical ... 4 RG6 runs to 2 switches then on to two receivers/dual room setup on each. I bought a ViP722 which will be replacing both the current receivers. I understand the switches will no longer be needed and I should only need one RG6 feed to the 722. I guess one question would be, should I go ahead and connect all 4 LNB cables for possible later use or stick with just one going to the 722 ???

Thanks in advance !!!



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Oct 19, 2004
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Yes connect the cables, mainly so they will not be out in the weather and deteriorate. The 1000.2 has only 3 outputs, but it has an input for a 4th orbital location.

I've heard the 1000.2 is not an easy one to align, so good luck.

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