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Dec 30, 2017
Hi all,

Please tell me the difference in purchasing c band 6 feet and 8 feet dish in bangalore location,will there be any number of channels receiving difference between this 2 dish dimension.

Can i keep this dish on rcc sheet on my 3rd floor ??

Is 8 feet dish available like solid foldable type 6 feet dish ??

Which is tge best lnb i can use for intelsat 17 and 20 ??

Hariss5, Welcome to SatelliteGuys!

An 8-foot dish offers almost twice as much surface as the 6-footer, so is better at receiving faint signals. Also, the larger the dish, the more focused the reception pattern is, meaning that it is less likely to get interference from adjacent satellites.

From what I can find, Intelsat 17 is not as powerful as Intelsat 20, and based on the footprint maps, I would say that Intelsat 20 would probably be ok with an 8-foot dish, But Intelsat 17 might require a 10-footer. Whether a 6-foot dish would work on Intelsat 20 is far from certain, specially since most transponders are DVB-S2. Those are only speculations based on the coverage maps on, so further research would be a good idea...

I would strongly recommend that you check on a forum that has many members in your area, for more local advice, before you make a decision. (most members on this forum are in North America, so don't have experience with those specific satellites that are over the Indian Ocean and cannot be received from here)

As for the LNBF, well, it depends if you intend on also receiving any Ku band. C/Ku combos exist but are not very good, with Ku suffering the most of the compromise. For C-Band only, my best recommendation would be a PLL LNBF, such as the Titanium C1W-PLL
Please reply by conversation.

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