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Jul 12, 2006

I just registered and got a message to introduce myself. I thought maybe there would be a place to make introductions but found none. So maybe I am starting one?

Just call me "Chuckler".

I have recently found out about FTA and am excited to learn of it. To be honest, there is little on commercial TV / popular media that interests me and I just don't want to pay $ 50 + monthly ($600 - $1000 yearly) for one or two channels that I would like. I am mostly interested in a good source of news (like Fox) and channels related to history, geography, and education in general. I also enjoy C-span. I have a dish with a Manhattan 1000 set up for watching 3ABN but I don't know how to watch anything else on it.

I do wish I could find a good source of old programming such as Andy of Mayberry / Hillbillies... that is what I like to watch for entertainment. But, if I have to buy those on DVD or something to get them, I can.

I have much to learn, I think. I am thinking to get a "motorized" system maybe? I think I understand that such a system would tune to any of the satelites that carry FTA and then tune to the channels on that satelite that the user has set? Do any systems automatically search for channels? If the user wishes to have a list of favorites, can he set them on some sort of menu to select from?

I played with my Manhattan system a little and got it tuned to the Hope channel. Do I have to go through the whole tuning process to go back and forth between Hope and 3ABN? It would take me a couple minutes or so, I suppose - each time I want to change.

Anyway, I guess I have much to learn. That's why I joined this forum. Thanks to those who set it up.

Please reply by conversation.

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