Is it Time To Close the Sports Forum?

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Sep 7, 2003
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Is it time to close the sports forum? That is a question being asked by the staff.

Once again some people are turning the sports forum into a place that is more about flaming other members than talking sports. To make things worse some of the same folks who are causing the issue are now PMing the moderator of the forum upset that he is trying to make them follow the rules. This needs to stop and needs to stop now.

Do I want to see it closed? The answer to that is NO.

I am PROUD of the job Rey has done since jumping in to help with the Sports Forum as a Moderator. In fact, talking with the staff it seems as though all the admins have been happy with the job he has been doing. If you are not happy with the moderation or the rules for this forum there are plenty of other sports forums out there. Threatening to leave because you don't like the moderation is not a threat to us: goodbye if you are going to go. It seems as though it's the people who are upset about these things are the same folks who are causing all the problems, these folks seem to think that they are exempt from the rules. This way of thinking needs to stop.

We want everyone's visit to SatelliteGuys to be pleasant, educational and fun. The rules are really simple and we don't ask for much so please keep the focus on SPORTS and not EACH OTHER. Deal with the fact that other members may have a different favorite team, player, driver etc. than you, and that's great, that's what being a sports fan is about!

So again, all that we ask is that you follow the rules and also please respect the staff who is just trying to do their job of enforcing the rules. Help make their job easy by just following the rules so they don't need to put their moderator hat on.

Rey has done a great job and honestly a lot of you wouldn't understand a lot of what has gone on or is going on unless you've seen it from our point of view. We do not want to be over moderated, we just want people to follow the rules.

We don't want to see the Sports forum go the way of the Pit, so again PLEASE just follow the rules, that is all we ask. I am going to close this thread and ask that you do NOT post a new thread about it or even PM the staff on your thoughts on it. Instead let's just get back to talking sports.

Thank you for your understanding!

Play ball! :)
Please reply by conversation.

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