Is there any way to make sure that the TiVo Bolt's TiVo Suggestions will only record.....

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  1. ...... on channels the antennas pointing towards? I mean without unchecking all the other channels on my channel list (I do rotate my antenna sometimes and watch those)? I "liked" my local local channels, and that helps, but doesn't always work.
  3. On my Roamio, you have the option of selecting a channel for season passes. Recordings are always on the channel you selected. If you select recordings from the guide, it generally does the right thing.
  4. I think my Bolt skips recordings if there is no signal on a channel.

    I had a channel off the air for a couple of weeks and none of the scheduled recordings for that channel were recorded.
  5. My OTA Roamio skips also when no signal.
  6. I just noticed the duration of those recordings are at 0%, but they still each use a tuner.
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