It’s SHARKNADO time!

Omg! Talk about a series of movies that have "jumped the shark" so to speak. I quit after the first one. It was simply too stupid of a concept for me to buy. :smug
One thing I hope for is that now that the last Sharknado is done, maybe Tara Reid can get something to eat!

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I have watched all of them and for pure stupid fun entertainment, they were pretty good. The first 15 minutes last night were pretty "bad" but once they got to the Revolutionary War, it was great again. Maybe the first part was a Game of Thrones reference that I simply did not get because I not seen any of them but the pop culture cameo's throughout were fantastic.
Glad I saw this, I set a timer for tonight's rerun.

I don't know if anyone saw Tara Reid in Trailer Park Sharks but that girl is looking rough.

I love these terrible Syfy movies, they're a throwback to the terrible sci-fi movies of the 50s and 60s.