Jeep dealer basically knows squat about Siruis

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Sep 7, 2003
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It was time to trade in the Jeep for a new Grand Cherokee. I decided to leave my old Panasonic Sirius unit in the old Jeep and go with the Jeep/Mopar setup which can use the RB1 GPS headend. When I was working on the deal the salesperson (he's been there a number of years and this is a farily large Jeep dealer) I asked about getting Sirius installed. He said that I should go to a Best Buy or Circuit City since the Jeep radios don't allow for Sirius to be connected. OK, I knew he was wrong and let it drop.

I went on the web, found the three part numbers from Mopar (receiver, mounting kit and 8 to 10 pin adapter cable(to allow for artist/title display on the RB1)) and contacted the dealer again. They checked, agreed with me and ordered the parts.

Installation day came, dropped it off and got a call two hours later saying they were done. On the drive home I notice that I'm not getting artist/title info, but since the unit hadn't been activated yet I didn't know for sure if stream 184 sent that info or not. Once I called in and got the unit activated still no artist/song display, so back to the dealer I go. Service desk calls up the tech that did the install, I asked if he installed the cable, nope he didn't it's not needed. So I had to show him what it was for and that it was really needed, his defense was that his instructions didn't say anything about the cable (which they had kept and still charged me for it). After he installed it things are great. Nice big display on the RB1 that shows stream name, catagory, channel number, artist and title all at the same time.

If Chrysler is investing $'s in Sirius they really need to do a better job of getting the word out about Sirius to their salespersons and prompte the product. As I said my salesperson didn't know squat about Sirius (I've since trained him and he's getting a radio for himself), no displays or other info on the service was anywhere to be found. Chrysler also needs to make this a factory installed option on their cars vs. only a dealer install. This dealer is also a Buick shop and they had a number of cars on the lot with XM antennas on the cars. Get the boxes in the cars and folks will buy them even without knowing what they are. Once they hear the demo channel they'd probably sign up, just to see what it's like, and end up keeping it.

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Sep 6, 2003
When we bought my wife's BMW, the dealer was well versed in Sirius. We had no problems like you did. Its too bad you had to go though that hassle.
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