Just wanted to say thanks! C-Band complete!

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Apr 15, 2006
South Carolina
Just wanted to say thank you to all that helped with the setup over this weekend with my c-band. Works like a gem, get the complete arc, and couldn't be happier than the old preacher guy on AMC 3!

Pics to follow if I can figure out how to add them on here.
Congratulations jself1982. I know you will enjoy your new toy. Sorry if I wasn't any help this weekend as I was at a Family Reunion Saturday, followed by watching a lot of college football, and yesterday I relax'ed and enjoyed my own tv's. I have read the threads about your project today and I'm glad you've got it working. Now, sit back and enjoy!!!!


I've been following your progress since your first thread mentioning you were getting this system.. I'm glad everything worked out as you hoped..
I've been trying for several weeks to get the time off myself, I know what you are talking about...had the last 5 days off here and been messing with it for the past 5 days. Next steps is to add it to my FTA, and to upgrade soon to 4dtv.
dfergie said:
Congrats, so you got the actuator going then...

Nope, although there is a place about 35 miles from me here in SC that still has c-band parts/dishes etc. so I called him up and had to go get a new actuator to put on the dish. Took about 15 mins to put on and about 30 minutes to reprogram the Uniden 4400, very easy...just wish the rest of the job was that easy!! :D
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