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Sep 7, 2003
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I am posting this as someone contacted me and let me know that they had no idea we were offering Lifetime Pub Memberships again because they were using the App. And the special notices you see on the website are not shown in the app.

So for you folks... this is your final reminder that this is the LAST DAY to get a Lifetime SatelliteGuys Memberships!

We have only offered them once before and may never offer them again. A number of people have asked for them so here is your chance. As of Saturday January 18th, the option will be gone.

Your support helps keep SatelliteGuys running as well as pay for other operations costs (licensing, add ons, domain names, Server upkeep, backup services, etc.)

Some folks may not be able to do Lifetime memberships and that is ok. But we thank you for any support you can give us!
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Mar 15, 2005
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Scott, thanks for opening this up again. I was one of the ones that wanted this opened up again. As you can see, I was able to take advantage of this opportunity this time. NO, I didn't have the money readily available, BUT, I was able to pay via PayPal credit, and that allows it to be stretched out over 6 months with no interest if all paid off by then.

So, if any of the rest of you also want to take advantage of this, yet don't have the money right now, PayPal Credit will allow it as one of the payment options. IF it's all paid off within 6 months, there's NO INTEREST due.

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