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Dec 31, 2007
My Mother in law is getting a new 73" DLP 1080P set, but still has the older dark gray converter box with no HDMI out. What's the latest and best box out now for Cox San Diego? Thanks.


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Mar 30, 2012
We've tested additional models and have updated our Rating of DTV converter boxes which now include 43 models, covering a broad swath of available units.


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Dec 1, 2004
I got the newest HD box from COX (non DVR)..

Cisco HD Plus model 4650HDC doesn't cost any more to add it to your account when swapping the older HD boxes out. The new box has an internet port which I haven't tried yet. The PQ seems better on the newest box The older box had a lot of snow, but with new box there is no snow effect. Sadly the same *** guide menu is still there. I wish cox would invest money into creating a new guide which is decent looking. PQ wise Dish, and Directly are miles ahead of Cox in Gainesville, but then again Cox is in last place in our city for providing TV service with Dish at No.1, and Direct at No.2 Cox in our city makes most of its money from the high speed internet which everyone has down here. Uverse is coming soon here which may drop Cox to fourth place!

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