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Aug 2, 2009
From my research there isn't any true blind scanning utility unless you create an intitial tuning data file. Why is that so? Why isn't there a utility that simply scans thru a satellite where all you do is set a start transponder freq and end freq with user defined freq steps and a minimum symbol rate to search for rather than create and initial tuning file? w_scan is suppose to create such an initial file but it has predefined freq steps and symbol rates to look for instead of giving you a way to set the freq steps and to set a minimum symbol rate. Some info I found gives instructions that say to create a shell script but it makes no sense because it says to pass a freq to szap-s2 but I don't see anything that allows you to pass a freq to szap-s2. Besides, the shell script sounds like a lot of work. Aren't these utilities suppose to make scanning easy? Has anyone found a true blind scan utility for linux?
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