Live Retailer Chat Update! (April 27, 2004)

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Hello everyone and welcome to SatelliteGuys coverage of today's retailer chat! The topic of todays chat is unknown, although we expect them to talk about what Echostar wants changes in the SHVIA laws.

Will they talk about the 921? I honestly don't know.

As always SatelliteGuys will only report news which is of interest to you the consumer. SatelliteGuys will NOT report dealer sensitive items, such as costs, profits, etc.

If you are a retailer and would like to discuss these retailer issues please visit our retailer sister site DishRetailer.COM

As always the reports typed here are done in real time, there is no guarantee of 100% accuracy of what we report since we are typing this live in real time, expect spelling and typing mistakes as well. We want to be accurate but we want to get you the information as quickly as we can as well.

Thanks for your understanding! Enjoy todays recap! (And if you want join us in our LIVE CHAT! Click on CHAT in the Main Bar Above! :D)
The chat has started!

The Intro Video Rolls and today we are joined by Jim and Charlie (Its been awhile since charlie has been on)

The start off the chat talking about Team Summit, on of the Highlights of the event will be a speach by Joe from Sirius who will be telling retailers about all the Opertunities Sirius will offer Dish Retailers.

After Joe speeks, then Vince Gill will play. on Friday the General Session will take place, thats where Charlie will talk. At night Coach K of the Blue Devils will talk.

On Saturday Night there will be a HDTV panel, Training Sessions and then Jay Leno performs.
An update from Charlie on the Turner situation, progress has been made however there is no deal in place yet. Dish is being charged a DBS premium.

Dish's contract expires at the end of the week, Charlie hopes they can come to an agreement before then.

If not alternate programming will be made available.
Now they are talking about the Satellite Home Viewers Improvement Act (SHVIA) head Echostar Atty David Moskowitz is now talking. He wants all dealer to call their congressmen THIS WEEK before its too late.
Still talking about the SHVIA.

They keep saying HDTV is important to Dish Network, they also keep saying HDTV will be a big topic at Team Summit.

More updates to come
Locals Update

CBS added to Milwaulkie
ABC added South Bend
Available april 15th El Paso
Deluth was launched
Fargo on the 22nd, missing NBC
Saracuse coming on the 29th missing CBS
Lacross Wi coming on the 29th
Portland Maine on the 29th

New Programming
Tea Ja $14.99 (India)
Gemini / Tea Ja package for $24.99 (India)
ITVN is Polish channel $14.99

The The FA Cup (Soccer) $24.99
Equipment Availability -
811's are now coming in however the 921 is in very limited supply.

There will be a 721 upgrade deal coming for existing customers.
The 721 will be $249 and when installed includes the necessary switches. It requires a AT 60 or better 1 year commitment plus they must sign up for Credit Card autopay.
Dish Network will be downloading to all DVR Hard Drives a commerical for the Club Dish Program. The commercial is no airing and its the annoying British guy again. This video will be downloaded to all DVR's but the 522.

It is a 5 Min video
The video will be 5 minutes long but it will be stores in Dish's exclusive area and will not take away your recording time.

Charlie says if a customer does not want the ad they can just erase it.

Again the add is to help you show off a DVR to friends and how to sign them up for ClubDish.
After a bunch of talk about the Dish Retailer site Dish is introducing new Bills for Spanish speaking customers.
Scott Greczkowski said:
Equipment Availability -
... however the 921 is in very limited supply.

Are we done? - I don't want to interrupt Scott's parade (THANKS SCOTT !!!!)

:shocked I guess zero units shipped to retailers in 3 months would be considered "very limited" (though I might have used a stronger word).

I might have jumped on a 721 for $249, but I'd rather put the money towrds a functioning 921 (if such a thing existed). At this point, I'd hold off before giving E* any more $$$ or committments.
They just took a question about VOOM.

Charlie said VOOM is making no impact on their service. That VOOM has no plans to offer broadband or Telephone. Dish wants to offer more HD but there is no unique HD programming to add.

Charlie totally slid past the real question which was VOOM is making a whole house HD DVR and does Dish have plans for anything like that.