LNBF test comparison: C1PLL, C1WPLL and BSC621-2

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Mar 1, 2006
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Today I tested the Titanium C1PLL, C1WPLL and DMSI BSC621-2 LNBFs using my 10' Unimesh and TBS6983 tuner card for reception of signals from Galaxy 19 (97W) C-Band. I used EBSPro to make graphs and charts from each LNBF.

For the first test, I created graphs of signal strength vs. frequency from 3400 to 4200 MHz for each of the 3 LNBFs. The C1PLL has a WiMax filter and its function is quite evident as it attenuates frequencies below 3700 by about 5-15 dB, as seen in the graphs below.

For the second test I made blind scan charts with EBSPro for each of the LNBFs. Then I computed the averge SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) for each LBNF. For the average I used only the transponders that were present on all of the charts. Note that the BSC621-2 mistakenly picked up two of the transponders on both horizontal and vertical polarities. In addition, 4080V was not included because the C1PLL did not find it.

Conclusion: The C1PLL had the best average SNR of 12.71 dB followed closely by the C1WPLL at 12.62 dB and the BSC621-2 came in last at 12.24 dB. The difference between the C1PLL and C1WPLL was minimal so if you want to receive below 3700 MHz on 55.5W, then the C1WPLL would serve you well. Otherwise, your best choice would appear to be the C1PLL.


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