Long distance reception question.

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  1. Kind of off-topic, but where did you "move" to? I'm in Rochester, MN and "moved" to Durand, WI to get the Twin Cities, MN and La Crosse, WI with my DirecTV account.
  3. St Louis. I'm in Kansas but the St Louis spot beam is pretty large.
  4. He has a VHF-HI station in Lima and one in Ft Wayne. Everything else (Dayton, Columbus) is UHF
  5. Are you using a pre-amp or an amp after the signals are combined? If after, a pre-amp will amplify the signals before the loss of the cable and combination of the 3 antennas. Best try for that channel is your top one (if the channel is in the UHF frequency) with a pre-amp (use a high quality low noise. be cautious as some will provide no better reception due to noise) and keep it separate from the other antennas. Also, are there any trees in the area? Need to get above the trees for best reception. Remember trees grow..... in our area fast with this and last summer, (a lot of rain).
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  6. I have no respect for someone who hasn't "Moved" at least once... LOL Kidding but you get the idea.
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  7. This can be a difficult task since you have to power all of the preamps. I suppose you could try one of the all legs powered splitters, but you would have to come up with a single inserter that could power the lot or bring all three cables inside and combine them inside the home after stuffing in the inserters.

    After all of that is done, there's still the exceedingly weak two-edge signal that may only make it under the best of atmospheric conditions.
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