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  1. Yes I keep leaning back towards Vizio.
    I may up my price a little.
    I saw a nice M series that is still only $550- $600.

    The P is too expensive for the Bedroom.
    Maybe when my 2015 Vizio 60 dies, I'll look into a P series for the Livingroom.

    I'm leaning towards this one, Plus I can get 10% off and also no Intrest for 12 months.

  3. I got my P-55 for $779 from Costco.
  4. DO NOT GET A SHARP, Trust me from experience!
  5. I know that you stated that you had some problems with previous Samsungs but this set looks like a real bargain for $500. Plus, it has a tuner which the Vizio does not.
  6. My 44in* vizio has a nice PQ, even in direct sunlight. Its a standard HDTV but still has a sharp PQ

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  7. Your probably right, but I retired a 6 yr. old 52" Sharp Aquos to my bedroom, it has a great PQ
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  9. Yes, but this TV did get a pretty good review especially for this price point.
  10. Different Sharp, back then.
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  11. Any easy way to determine which have such? Brands and models vary quickly at my local Costco.

    Of course, when I buy, it probably won't be from Costco.
  12. We had one for 2 -3 years and the Power Supply gave out, I did some digging and found that some have died after 6 months, I don't rember the model but it was an aquriose.

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  13. Yeah, seems to me 4 HDMI ports should be the minimum. They can't add much to the price, and having to use a switcher sucks.
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  14. I caution that you not let theory and numbers get in the way of personal perception. Whether or not you can actually see the "limitations" is a very important consideration.
    I'm not sure 55" is in your price range if your going to be uppity about having full-blown HDR and WCG performance.
  15. Pretty much any full-featured TV under $800 is going to be edge lit. FALD is still pretty much rarified air.
  16. Not true, Vizios are Full Array.
    Even the D series.
  17. I appreciate everyones input.

    It looks like Vizio ,LG, and even Possibly I may Give Samsung another Go.

    But I have a Feeling I'll end up with Vizio E series maybe the M series, or a Samsung.

    My wife would kill me if I put my Current 60 inch Vizio in my bedroom, and get a New 60+ inch 4k tv.
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  18. If she does, can we have the TV?
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  19. Yes Lol.
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