New house, new home theater!!

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  1. Went to BestBuy to look for a small TV for the bedroom. Ended up getting an open-box Samsung 65" curved 4K TV. Decided that it is so nice that I'll put it in the great room. Then I thought about speakers and realized that it will be difficult to do rear speakers except with ceiling mounted ones, and IMO, I don't think they are very good.

    So instead I ordered a Samsung ATMOS 5.1.4 Soundbar system. Rear speakers are wireless. Really looking forward to getting that in and testing it out.

    My current 70" Sharp 4K will go in my bedroom, not sure what I'll do for sound there but I have a fine collection of speakers and AVRs.
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  2. Do you feel like you've been upsold? ;)
  3. I've got that Samsung soundbar and I'm generally pleased with it. Make sure you update the firmware. The rears are a bit weak but they did address the issue with an update. Also note the thing doesn't do DTS. A solution is most Samsung Blu-Ray players have a setting to convert DTS to DD 5.1. ATMOS performance is impressive.
  4. No, didn't even talk to a salesman until after I decided to get it.
  5. I've been following the thread over on AVS on the 950/850. I got the 950 ordered. I saw that this latest software update fixed the weak rears with 5.1.

    But for DTS I may just keep using my Sony BluRay player and have it decode to 5-7 channel PCM, don't know if the 950 handles multi-channel PCM though. If not, I'll get the Samsung 4K player.
  6. I did see your post over there. The DTS stuff was discussed earlier in the thread, can't recall if anyone tried the PCM but I assume so. I just happened to have a Samsung Blu-Ray so that worked.
  7. I read the entire thread and didn't see anyone mention letting the player decode. Might have missed it though.
  8. Stumbled across a refurb'd Samsung 4K BluRay Player for $150, added the extended warranty for 4 years @$25. Good to go.