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Sep 8, 2003
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IGN interview with EA's senior VP and group studio general manager concerning the Wii.

"IGN Wii: Could you just for clarification purposes give us an idea of how a typical play might work using the controllers?
John Schappert: So, you take the controller, jerk it up to snap. Quarterback now has the ball. Your passing icons are now up. Take the wand controller and you'll see that the four directions on its D-Pad represent four of your receivers; the A button is your fifth receiver. Point to one of those receivers that you want to receive the ball and with your hand gesture a throwing motion to pass. Now, the harder you throw, the more that's going to be a bullet pass. The softer and the more you lob a throw, the more that it's going to be a lob. When you receive the ball, you run with the analog stick on the nunchuck and if you want to juke, you use the nunchuck to gesture it. And if you want to stiff-arm, you use the wand.

As for graphics, we'll be showing Madden in 480p and 16x9 widescreen mode running at 60 frames per second.

IGN Wii: Do you have an online mode planned for the Wii version of Madden?
John Schappert: You know, we've got lots of great online experience and Wii has Wi-Fi built in, so we are certainly planning for online.

IGN Wii: Is this going to be a Wii launch title later this year?
John Schappert: That is our goal."


I haven't bought Madden in about 3 years. This version has raised my interest in the series.
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Jun 8, 2004
hopefully it turns out better then the 360 version of 06. They rushed that thing just to get it out the door and while it looks good its missing a ton of stuff


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Jul 19, 2005
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The first time that controller slips out of your hand during a throwing motion, you're going to curse nintendo straight to hell...

and how the hell do you run with this thing and juke and spin and whatnot? Press buttons while pointing? Dumbest damn thing i've ever seen, this is going to bomb harder than hurricane jokes at Mardi Gras...
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