Magnavox LCD Screen problems (1 Viewer)

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Mar 12, 2010
I've got a 32" Magnavox LCD that I got in Jan. '09. This morning I turned it on and the screen is dark, but not completely black. You can still see the picture and the sound is fine. Everything I can find on LCD screen issues deals with screens that are completely dark. I turned it off and then back on, but it still looked the same. I haven't tried to unplug it and allow it to reset yet (if that is an option).
Anybody had any similar issues that you were able to fix easily?
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Apr 15, 2005
If the backlight power supply has gone out you would be able to see the picture in a bright room or with artificial light shining from the front. This is the most likely problem. This is commom. You can look up your model number on the internet and put in problem and find options and cost others have encountered.


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Feb 5, 2010
My parents had a magnavox LCD TV go out within a few years of buying it. Luckily the Best Buy warranty fixed it for free, otherwise they'd have cut their loses and bought a better brand. They had to replace the main board inside.
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