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Apr 1, 2004

You post three categories for problems related to mapped OTA in your like named thread (LINK). I've got one that does not fall into any of your three.

I've got channels mapped into my guide that I cannot receive. Meaning I have to page thru multiple channels that in reality to not exist. Since this is only an annoyance, I'm reluctant to do a reset which probably would not resolve the problem anyway.

Has anyone started a thread for discussion related to mapped OTA in the guide and what channels they can actually receive? I suppose someone in my area could have a large tower with an amplified antenna on top of it which might receive these channels but most users will not. I'm not sure how Voom would even go about handling this issue. Do they simply provide mapping for any station within a given distance from my zip code?

Being able to edit these channels out of the guide manually would be a nice feature for future software updates. Probably low in priority though.
Yes, they do provide OTA channels within your zipcode range. Even those stations that are not active. I created the favorite list and just added the channels that most interest me. Even the OTA channels. I rarely go through the whole channel list.
We're still getting used to things. Right now, the most used process we use for surfing is the up arrow key, then green button for hd channels only.

Unrelated to channel mapping: We would like to have the option to switch up/down arrow functionality within the setup menu. With E* we have grown used to up arrow means lower channels and down arrow means higher channels. E* guide is listed from top to bottom with low on top and higher as you go down. This was a user selectable option.

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