Marquee and Sports PlusPack to end in April?


Dan Berndt

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Dec 2, 2003
I'm sure all of you have noticed the disclaimer on your VOOM bill that says VOOM will discontinue offering the Sports and Marquee PlusPacks in April. I talked to the VOOM CSR once about this and asked him what channels were affected by this statement, he was evasive about the question and I don't think he knew. VOOM just updated their web site so that the Sports and Marquee PlusPacks channels are clearly defined.

The Sports PlusPacks channels are Fox Sports World and Tennis Channel. The Marquee PlusPack is DiscoveryHD Theater. I don't really care about Fox Sports World and Tennis Channel since they are not in HD but I would really hate to lose DiscoveryHD Theater.

Not to worry yet. The CSR did tell me that it was just a contract negotiation issue and that we will probably not lose these channels. It's at least comforting to know that this disclaimer does not cover the premium channels such as Showtime, HBO and Starz.

Sean Mota

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Sep 8, 2003
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I see what you mean about the Marquee PlusPack. Voom has updated the site and also has gotten rid of that awful introduction screen.

I agree with you that it should not be Discovery HD Theater. The only speculation about this that I can say is that it looks like Discovery HD Theater is assigned in one of those transponder (23, 24, I think) that E* had to give to V*. If it comes to that, I do not see they given up Discovery HD Theater since it is one of the premier HD channels in market right now. Nobody, except HDnet, comes close to Discovery HD Theater.

Again, not to panic now since I do not think VOOM would lose those tranponders. Maybe you should consider putting a question mark (?) at the title of this thread.

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