MLB Extra Innings in HD



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Apr 2, 2008
Los Angeles
I live in Los Angeles and am a Time Warner customer. I am very disappointed with Time Warner's decision not to carry the MLB Extra innings HD games. A TW spokesman (Justin Venech) said that TW would be offering "many" games in HD but did not specify when or where. This is troubling because it obviously means that it is possible and they are choosing not to provide the programming while still choosing to charge full price. Wondering if any one else has run into this problem. If so, has anyone been in contact with TW's dreadful customer service dept.? I know I've been pestering them, but they don't even know what I'm talking about.


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Oct 1, 2007
I switched from TWC to D* to get the Braves game in HD. Only to find out that D* apparently has different rules for their blackouts and with them the Braves are now my home team (plus they blackout Sportsouth in my area) and I'm stuck without the games at all! Forget HD, I want the HD games back.

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