More changes up there?

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Sep 7, 2006
By whiteoak creek
I went to check out KUEN last night and the night before and it was scrambled, video not audio. Did everyone loose SB6 ? totally dark with no signal showing on the meter.The way the rain is coming down I don't think Ill be takeing the little T.V. out side anytime soon. :(
Kuil TV is on the AMC-4 satellite @ 101ºw

(Test card right now)
Pete he means KUEN on AMC5 and yes its a black screen with audio. We had this happen a month ago or so

SBS6 is working for me in MN...ONN is coming in strong
No problems here with SBS6.

I noticed KUIL was down last night. I just figured there were some storms rolling through Texas.

KUEN had black video too but the audio was okay.

I'm just kinda bummed out that the audio on IA-5 is encrypted now.
KUIL was strong for me last night (86%), KUEN was audio, but showed no audio/video message and ONN on SBS 6 was strong as usual. Had clouds and light mist last night.
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