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Mar 20, 2008
Hi, found some posts that had similar questions, but I didn't see exactly what I'm looking for, so hope this isn't a repeat of another post.

I currently have Dish Network and am thinking about switching to Direct TV to get HD locals (Austin, TX). My Dish DVR receiver has coax outputs that allow me to run a second TV (in a bathroom where a receiver box wouldn't work) off the second tuner in the DVR box, so I can essentially watch HD in the main room where the receiver is and watch my DVR or non HD programming on the other TV, controlling it with the IR remote. This is done through a back feed in my house that goes to a central box, where I can tie in the back feed to the main feed for the bathroom.

Do any of the DTV receivers have this capability? SOunds like they don't even have Coax outputs anymore?

Also, if this is not possible, does DTV offer a feature where one DVR can be viewed from other boxes in the house?

Thanks for your assistance.


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Dec 28, 2004
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There is only one video stream at a time, although all of the outputs are live at the same time. There is no coaxial output, but there is hdmi and component. There is talk that you will be able to network the dvr's at some point, but not yet.


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May 16, 2005
The VIP622/722 have different capabilities in comparison to Direct's 20/21. The reason to change should involve whether or not you wish to give up true dual tuner operation. Routing HDMI or SVHS Video/audio cables doesn't solve the channel change problem at the 2-3-4 tv. And don't forget that if you change to Direct hardware, a second coax will need to be routed from the dish site to the receiver location. As far as what programming will be or is available in HD, only you can decide what fits your needs AND pocket book.


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It has also been mentioned that most users that want the 2nd TV want it at the best possible PQ and a RG6 coax will not cut it for most of us; I would rather have the addition receiver.
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