My audio is bad on NASA Ch-2

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Aug 22, 2009
North-East Lake Superior
My audio is coming in garbled on the NASA Education Channel (Ch-2).

I've compared my PID entries to LyngSat and SatHint, and can't clear up
the audio problem.

Is anyone else having troubles with this channel? The rest of the NASAs
sound fine, and no similar problems anywhere else on my AZ-Prem-HD.

I hope there's a cure for me. Thanks.
Sounds fine here. Suggest deleting transponder, reboot receiver, then scan it in again. Worth a shot anyway.
Thanks for the reply guys.

I have already tried deleting the one channel at the PID entry page, and the
ensuing TP scan didn't make it any better. I never thought of deleting the TP.

I shall do as you say and see what happens, but not 'til after the visiting
grand-kids conk out, and free up my TV. (Kung Fu Panda 2)

I might as well grab a bowl of popcorn and join them! lol
Well, I gave it a try last night, but the "gremlin" still lives.

I wonder if a clean boot on the AZ will clear things up? There have been
other little quirks to my AZ that are leading me to this decision.
The biggest one, is how badly the box slows down after going back and
forth from TP scanning and checking the reception on TV.

Would anyone recommend switching to Enigma or Neutrino?, or is it safer and
less complicated to stay with the AZ firmware?

I suppose the AZBox forum is the place to bring this question to.

Thanks again the the help.
Please reply by conversation.

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